1920s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Author: Murder Mystery Party South Africa  Date: 11 June 2021

What was the 1920s like in South Africa?

In the 1920s, the politics in South Africa took many sweeping turns. There were several ups and downs in African politics in those years. Africa faced a drop in the gold price; The black community was oppressed and crushed under white privilege. But that was the time they started to act against violence. The black workers organized a labor union, and in 1921 they strike at loading docks against the railroads. Many other historical events took place that define South African history..

Why would a 1920s murder mystery party in South Africa be awesome?

A murder mystery theme party already sounds fun. There will be so much suspense present in the room, and you will solve a mystery case with your friends. This game becomes more fun if based on a 1920s theme. Are the gangsters and gambling sound so cool, isn't it?. Dress according to you live in the roaring decade of twenty and enjoy delicious foods.

Tracy Gang 1920s Murder Mystery Game

Tracy Gang 1920s

Tracy Gang is a fabulous 1920s gangster murder mystery party theme. People love to dress as gangsters, flapper girls, godfathers and hitmen.

Tracy Gang 1920s Murder Mystery Game

What costumes should people wear to a 1920s party?

The fashion streak in the roaring twenties was at its peak. The way you dress defines a lot about you. The men and women followed specific dress codes in that era. Women would wear flappers with bobbed haircuts and long pearls. Men would dress in suspenders, formal coats .in solid colors with handsome haircuts.

What 1920s food should I serve?

The food trend in the 1920s was so freaking iconic. You must serve the best food to your guests as the other word for food is happiness. For 1920 theme parties to freak out your guests' taste buds and serve them with Grilled oysters. Classic Caesar salad. Devilled eggs, Strawberry, and lemon cream cheese cupcakes.

How should I decorate my venue to look like the 1920s?

search on the internet, and many exotic ideas will appear in front of you to match your 1920s theme party. To decorate your venue in a Gatsby style, add pearls, champagne bottles, feathers, and sparkles in your venue.

When we think about the 1920s, we think about the USA. What were the famous locations in the USA in the 1920s?

in the 1920s USA was filled with so many extravagant places that were a must to visit. People’s most loved spots were amusement parks and national parks. In 1923, the Hollywood sign’s construction attracted many people and became one of the USA’s most loved locations. Other famous places were the grand canyon, the museum of modern art situated in New York, etc.

Who were the big names at the FBI in the 1920s?

The crime rate was at its peak in the 1920s. Many young lawyers stepped in to provide justice among them, J. Edgar Hoover. Charles Appel and many more.

What were the big criminal gangs in the USA in the 1920s?

gangs and gambling were a tradition in the 1920s. Some so many famous gangsters roared in the twenties. These famous gangsters were Al Capone, Tony Accardo, Paul Castellano, John Gotti, Bugsy Siegel, John Dilling, and many more.

What was the depression?

The great depression happened between 1929 and 1930 in which the countries faced global economic depression due to the stock market crash in October 1929 that wiped out all the investors. The consumer spending and investment everything dropped, which led to the downfall of industrial output. The unemployment rose to its peak because the owners fired thousands of workers to save as much money as they can.

What do I do now to organize my 1920s murder mystery party?

If you have made your mind to throw a murder mystery 1920s theme party, rest assured because there will be no obstacle between you and your party. Download the game from the site, and after that, you can hire a host for your party or host the party yourself; everything depends on you. Set dress codes and decorate your venue.

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