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Author: Murder Mystery Party South Africa  Date: 27 January 2024

Murder mystery games bring your Brakpan team together

Whether you have a team that is struggling on the playing field or in business, using activities, such as playing games, can be a good way to help them come together. Team building games can help employees bond, learn how to solve problems together and create enthusiasm among them. Murder mystery party games Brakpan can be a fun, practical team building activity.

Our Murder Mystery Party Games

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What are the benefits of team building activities in Brakpan?

The murder mystery party games make a great team building activity because it helps bring team members together to solve a problem or, in this case, a mystery. By learning to solve the mystery as a team, they learn to work together better, which can be transferred to their everyday jobs. Team building activities can help to increase productivity because employees learn to work together more efficiently to resolve work issues. Learning to work together better also means less time is spent on correcting errors or team members can be given tasks according to their abilities, which means less repetition.

By using the murder mystery games, you can get your employees out of their everyday environment, which often gives them the freedom to think and act more creatively. They can use their imaginations in dressing up like the characters and solving the case before them. The game also allows leaders to emerge from the pack.

Picking a Leader for the Game

For each of the murder mystery party games, someone needs to “host” the party. The host is responsible for getting the group actively involved in the game, keeping their interest and making sure they have a good time. The host is essentially the leader or manager, which can help leaders from your business organisation emerge. A different leader or host can be chosen each time the murder mystery game is played to help business owners find the true leaders in their organisation.

Perfect for organisations of all sizes.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business is because the murder mystery party games for Perth, Western Australia can be played by just two players or it can be played by as many as 120 people. To help your employees get the most out of the game and learn to work together, you can work in smaller groups of 10 or so if you have a large number of employees.

Choose Different Game Settings

There are seven different murder mystery scenarios from which to choose. The Christmas Capers may not be the type of atmosphere you wish to create for a team building game, the customised murder mystery game may be more appropriate for your needs. With the custom murder mystery game, you can choose the type of murder to solve, the setting, the victim’s occupation and even the dinner that you may wish to serve.

Create a fun atmosphere for your team

Each game can be played in about two hours, so you can host the game during work hours and set aside time for your employees to take part in the game. The team building exercise can be done in a conference room if you only have a few players or you can rent out a larger space if you decide to have your entire group participate at once.

Can mystery games be used in Brakpan school events?

Mystery party games are great entertainment for children and teens. We have age-appropriate games that can be featured in any school event. Select from the teenagers list as they contain no adult content other than murder.

What makes Brakpan special?

There are exciting options and amenities to unwind with friends and family. Carnival City, Tsakane Mall are among a few places to relax and treat oneself. Why not click a game from above links and see how your Brakpan events will be revamped? We are a click away to guide you on how to throw an exciting Murder Mystery Party Brakpan.

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Why Brakpan?

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