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We understand you want a different kind of party, an exciting one that will be remembered, something out of the ordinary. You are in the right place! Find out more by clicking on our exciting themes below.

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How many boring parties have you been to, where there were small groups of people gathered together in clusters? Or, some not conversing at all. This doesn't happen with when you get our murder mystery party game. Your guests will be immersed in the plotting and scheming that they may even forget to investigate the murder!

What is included in the murder mystery game?

You'll receive a complete case file to solve with videos, printable materials and instructions to host a party with as many friends as you desire and solve a crime! We offer boxed and download mystery games with a complete case file of an intriguing murder case. The download games are instant downloads - nothing will need to be shipped, as you will have everything needed to play - just print, prepare and play!

Should the guests dress up in costumes?

Best if they did. For three reasons – to make the game come to life by seeing the characters in their element, for the photos and for the memories! If these are not good reasons, then let them come as they are.

Should we decorate our venue?

This is not mandatory. But remember that no matter where you hold it, decorations will make a big difference.

What is the best type of venue?

Where you hold the murder mystery party sets the stage for the party. For small groups, often a few minor alterations in your home can add some simple ambiance to help get your guests in the mood.

Are the games suitable for teenagers?

We have games specifically tailored for the teenagers. Check the age limits on each edition before purchase. The Disney Edition for instance suits an audience of 10+.

Can we have a murder mystery party as a fundraiser?

Definitely! Find an exciting theme that your guests will enjoy. They can purchase their costumes or props as they come in. These “extras” could boost the funds raised for your charity.

How do I select a murder mystery theme?

Look for a theme that you think your guests would enjoy as this will set the tone for your party. Role-playing characters from a different time period, background or geographical location is one of the most exciting elements of hosting a mystery party. We have amazing options to choose from!

Sasolburg may be small but there is nothing small in a Murder Mystery Party Sasolburg!

Solving the Case for Fun: Why a Murder Mystery Party is Ideal in Sasolburg, South Africa

Nestled along the Vaal River, Sasolburg in South Africa is a town known for its vibrant community, picturesque landscapes, and a rich tapestry of cultures. As the desire for unique and engaging social experiences continues to grow, the Murder Mystery Party phenomenon has taken center stage. In this exploration, we'll delve into why hosting a Murder Mystery Party is not just an event but an ideal choice for bringing the community together in Sasolburg.

Celebrating Diversity:

Sasolburg is a melting pot of cultures, and a Murder Mystery Party offers a perfect platform to celebrate this diversity. Themes can be tailored to incorporate local traditions, languages, and historical elements, ensuring that participants feel a deep connection to the narrative.

Community Engagement:

A Murder Mystery Party is more than just a social event; it's an interactive experience that encourages community engagement. Residents of Sasolburg can come together, assume unique roles, and collaborate to unravel a captivating mystery. The shared experience strengthens social bonds and fosters a sense of unity.

Local Flavor in Themes:

South Africa boasts a rich and diverse history, providing ample inspiration for Murder Mystery Party themes. Whether set in the apartheid era, the gold rush period, or even a contemporary South African context, these themes can transport participants to different times and places, adding a touch of nostalgia and cultural relevance.

Interactive Learning:

Murder Mystery Parties offer a unique blend of entertainment and interactive learning. Participants can explore historical aspects of Sasolburg, learn about local legends, or delve into the town's evolution through the lens of a mystery. It's an engaging way to impart knowledge while having fun.

Escape from Routine:

Sasolburg residents, like anyone else, appreciate a break from the routine. A Murder Mystery Party provides an escape into a world of intrigue, suspense, and laughter. It's a chance to step outside the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in the company of friends and neighbors.

Embracing Local Venues:

Sasolburg offers a variety of picturesque venues, from the banks of the Vaal River to charming community spaces. Hosting a Murder Mystery Party in these local venues not only adds a touch of familiarity but also showcases the beauty of Sasolburg as the backdrop for a thrilling and entertaining evening.

Encouraging Creativity:

Murder Mystery Parties inspire creativity on multiple levels. From designing costumes that reflect the chosen theme to improvising dialogues and scenarios, participants can unleash their imaginative side. This creative freedom fosters a lively and enjoyable atmosphere during the event.

Customization to Occasions:

Murder Mystery Parties are highly adaptable, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a community festival, or a team-building event, the themes and format can be customized to suit the occasion, ensuring a memorable and tailored experience for participants.

Showcasing Local Talent:

Sasolburg is home to a wealth of artistic and theatrical talent. A Murder Mystery Party provides an opportunity to showcase local actors, musicians, and artists, enriching the event with the town's unique cultural expressions.

Creating Lasting Memories:

The experiences shared during a Murder Mystery Party become lasting memories. From the excitement of solving the mystery to the laughter shared among participants, these events leave an indelible mark on the community, creating stories that are retold and cherished for years to come.

Adding Excitement to Sasolburg's To-Do List:

To elevate the Murder Mystery Party experience in Sasolburg, here are some exciting additions to the to-do list:

  • Riverfront Mysteries:
  • Take advantage of Sasolburg's stunning riverfront locations for Murder Mystery Parties. Whether it's a suspenseful soirée on a river cruise or an elegant gathering by the water's edge, the scenic backdrop enhances the overall experience.
  • Culinary Adventures:
  • Integrate local cuisine into the Murder Mystery Party, creating a feast that complements the chosen theme. Sasolburg's culinary delights can add an extra layer of authenticity and enjoyment to the event.
  • Outdoor Investigations:
  • Utilize Sasolburg's beautiful outdoor spaces for murder investigations. Parks, gardens, or open fields can serve as interactive crime scenes, allowing participants to combine the thrill of solving mysteries with the beauty of nature.
  • Themed Historical Tours:
  • Sasolburg has a rich history waiting to be explored. Incorporate historical tours into Murder Mystery Parties, providing participants with insights into the town's past while unraveling a captivating mystery.
  • Festival-themed Extravaganza:
  • Align Murder Mystery Parties with local festivals or events happening in Sasolburg. It's an opportunity to merge the excitement of the mystery with the festive spirit, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Artistic Collaborations:
  • Collaborate with local artists for set design, costumes, and props. Infuse the Murder Mystery Party with Sasolburg's artistic flair, turning the event into a visual and immersive masterpiece.


In Sasolburg, the Murder Mystery Party is not just an event; it's an ideal way to celebrate the town's diversity, engage the community, and create unforgettable memories. With themes inspired by South African history and culture, these parties provide a unique blend of entertainment and education. Sasolburg residents can escape the routine, showcase local talent, and immerse themselves in a world of creativity, laughter, and suspense. So, unlock the mystery, embrace the excitement, and let Sasolburg become the stage for a Murder Mystery Party experience like no other.

Sasolburg may be small but there is nothing small in a Murder Mystery Party Sasolburg!

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